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"Zombie. The walking dead. Not very fast. Not very smart. They'll head straight for you, they never stop, they feel no pain, they never tire, and they never quit." - Earl Harbinger

A Zombie is a type of undead, and at its base is only a reanimated corpse. Once bitten by a zombie, the victim will die shortly after, then become one. Because of the many ways to raise a zombie and the versitile nature of the disease, they are the most common type of undead. Zombies have no sense of pain, and because their body does not need nutrition nor air to continue to function, they can be a deadly force; especially in numbers.

Once a creature rises as a zombie they lose all traces of their former self and rational thought, which reduces their action to only the need to feast upon the living.

The P.U.F.F. on a zombie is a base of $5,000, and is increased depending on the severity of the outbreak.

Origin Edit

Due to the long history of the zombie virus, a real origin has never been determined. Outbreaks of the disease have been ocurring for thousands of years across virtually every culture . Oldest outbreaks on record occured in Africa.


Feeding and InfectingEdit

The Zombie disease exists within the zombie fluids and spreads to humans if it enters the bloodstream. The most common method of transmission is from the siliva from a zombie bite. The zombie virus kills the host within a matter of hours and converts the host into an undead zombie. Currently there is no known cure to the zombie virus and it is believed that Owen Pitt has been the only recorded case of surviving the disease.

Behavior, Habitat and SocietyEdit

Abilities and WeaknessesEdit

HEADSHOT! BOOM! Also, grinding them up, completely dismembering them, and removing the head completely all seem to work.