Travis is a Bullman from Texas. The Bullmen are more commonly known as minotaurs, though that term is not much appreciated.


Travis served with Earl Harbinger as part of Special Task Force Unicorn in Vietnam, in order to earn PUFF exemption for his tribe. He became close friends with Harbinger (then called Mr. Wolf) and kept a tally as to how many times each had saved the other's life: Travis saved Earl 2 times, but Earl saved his 7 times. He took great offense to the term Minotaur, instead referring to his kind as Bullmen, since they are from America, East Texas to be presis. He died when the hotel they were staying in was bombed in the showdown between STFU and the KGB werewolf Nikolai. A few months after his death his father, a holy man in their tribe, visited Earl Harbinger and presented him his Travis's hide, which Earl was initially horrified by, but explained it was considered an honor. Travis had often written to his family about "Mr. Wolf", including the fact that he still owed his 5 lives. By giving him his hide, which was nearly impenetrable, it would help pay that debt. Earl, with the help of Travis's father, turned his hide into the coat Harbinger wears all the time, and it has in fact saved his life many times.

  • While in STFU all paranormals had to "hide" their paranormal identities from their human secondary team. Being an 8 foot tall bull headed giant Travis's "disguise" consisted of a blanket thrown over his head with eye holes cut out.