"I've never failed a mission."---Special Agent Franks

Special Agent Franks is one of the senior agents in the Monster Control Bureau (MCB). 


The entity that is Special Agent Franks began in time immemorial as a fallen angel. The spirit made a bargin with God which allowed the spirit to remain on earth as long as it protected humanity and fought monsters.  In the 18th century, the spirit was able to find a body in the form of a golem powered by the Elixar of Life, which was discovered by the alchemist Konrad Dippel. In subsquent years, he traveled from Hesse to the American colonies, where he switched loyalty to the Americans. Since that time, he has worked for the American government.


Franks is incredibly strong and durable. Due to his essential spiritual nature and knowledge of the Elixar of Life, he is immortal and nearly unstoppable. Monthly injections of a special serum into his eyes allows him excellent low light vision. Has brain tissue in his spine allowing him to survive with no head. 


Franks is a large, muscular man. He typically wears sun glasses to conceal the fact that his eyes are different colors (one eye is blue, the other brown). His left hand has a "HATE" tattoo. However, due to the nature of his body, his appearence can change as body parts are switched out as they are damaged.