Monster Hunter International
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Original Member Card

Base of Operations

United States of America

Current Head

Raymond Shackleford III

Team Leads

Harbinger, Boone, Priest, Paxton

Monster Hunter International, or MHI for short, is a privately owned company founded by the Shackleford family that hunts and exterminates supernatural entities such as vampires , werewolves and zombies, for government issued cash bounties called Perpetual Unearthly Forces Fund, or PUFF for short.


During the year 1895 people in Keene County, Alabama began to disappear. Raymond "Bubba" Shackleford formed a group to solve the problem, which turned out to be a vampire. After slaying the vampire by burning it at the stake, they hunted down the infected missing from town and slew them as well. Word spread of Shackleford's deeds, and towns began to hire him to take care of their own supernatural problems. In December, 1895 he formed Bubba Shackleford's Professional Monster Killers. Theodore Roosevelt, having had run-ins with supernatural forces himself, created a bounty system when he became president, thus opening up lucrative opportunities for the Shackleford organization.

After growing in wealth and renown, Bubba Shackleford changed the name of the company to something he considered more respectable; Monster Hunter International.  

The company did good business for one hundred years. However, on December 15th, 1995, during MHI's 100th anniversary party, Raymond Shackleford IV opened a rift to the Old Ones dimension. The event cost MHI the lives of almost a hundred Monster Hunters, and caused the government to declare monster hunting illegal. The PUFF bounty system was revoked and all monster related activities were reassigned to the Monster Control Bureau.

Six years later, monster activity had increased three thousand percent, causing the government to reinstate the PUFF bounty and remove the ban on private monster hunting. MHI then resumed operations.


MHI Main TeamEdit

Team Lead: Earl Harbinger

Active Members:
Julie Shackleford
Owen Pitt
Milo Anderson

Deceased Members

Hoodoo Squad(80s) New OrleansEdit

Oliver Chadwick Gardenier

Team HavenEdit

Team Lead: Priest

Active Members:

Deceased Members:
Sam Haven