Expression is a form of extremely dark and powerful sorcerythat supposedly draws on energy that is so malicious it would demolish the world if it were ever called into existence. Unbiased details and history of Expression remain unknown; however, according to a witch named Nandi, the forces of Expression are considered so powerful that many witches discredit it as magic, for it expands beyond the limitations of both ancient and modern witchcraft.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Advanced Telekinesis: Expression allowed Bonnie to become a very powerful telekinetic, able to move and control objects with her mind effortlessly. She was extremely proficient in this skill, and was able to choke Elena and break her bones without even looking at her. She even stated to Katherine, "I can crush your skull without even flinching," indicating just how much power she really had. She was able to control multiple cars with this magic, and the power of her spells could make even large caves fall apart.
  • Advanced Pain Infliction: Expression allowed one to inflict immense pain onto a person that could constrict or dilate the blood vessels to the point of bursting. Bonnie was able to use this power to disable two Original vampires and several average vampires with ease, something that would otherwise require the power of 100 witches to perform.
  • Advanced Pyrokinesis: Expression allowed Bonnie to generate immense flames simply by focusing. It was such a powerful ability that she effortlessly conjured flames while she slept.
  • Accelerated Healing: Expression allowed Bonnie to heal a instantly with little to no effort on her part after she was attacked by Elena, much like that of a vampire.
  • Petrification: Expression allowed one to turn beings to stone. Bonnie was able to turn Silas to stone, but the spell was undone when Bonnie died.