"Chosen One" is a term for a person who has been selected by a Faction to fight in the Faction's never ending war over Creation. In at least some cases, this status is able to be transferred from one person to another in cases where the previous Chosen One is killed or otherwise loses favor. Some factions appear to have more than one Chosen One.

Known Chosen Ones include:

  • Owen Zastava Pitt — Sometimes referred to as the Champion. The identity of the faction that has chosen him is unknown; however it is known that Owen only recently took this title after defeating its previous bearer, Ray Shackleford IV. As a result of his Chosen status, Owen is able to resist being altered by zombies, vampires, werewolves, and similar creatures, but is not immune from ordinary injuries.
  • Julie Shackleford — Chosen One of the Guardians. She took this title, and the magical curse that comes with it, after being rescued by the previous Chosen One, a five-hundred-year-old warrior named Thrall. The magic causes supernatural healing of any part of her body that is mortally wounded, leaving black marks on the skin where the wound was sustained. Among the responsibilities of her Chosen status is the guardianship of an ancient and mysterious artifact than can be used to alter the magic of other Chosen Ones.
  • Earl Harbinger — Chosen to lead the "animal spirits" into war. Whether this exclusively refers to werewolves or also applies to related creatures is unclear. His current surname is in fact a reflection of his Chosen status, since it is based upon a prophecy told to him by a Vietnamese holy man during the 1970s, though he did not fully understand the significance at the time.
  • Heather Kerkonen — Like Earl, it is suggested that she has some key role to play in leading the werewolf race into the upcoming battle. She was specifically identified by Koschei's Amulet, the ancient device that brought about the beginning of werewolves, as the inheritor of its magics. This is reflected in the fact that she is more psychologically human than any other werewolf.
  • Franks — Previously one of the Fallen, he became a Chosen One after forcing his way onto Earth and making a deal with the Creator that would allow him to stay as long as he hunted monsters.
  • Raymond Shackleford IV — The previous Champion, before he fell to vampirism and was taken out by his son-in-law Owen.

As a group, Owen, Julie, Earl, and Franks have sometimes been referred to as "The Four."